Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's all in the lyrics

I'm sitting here studying for my GREs with my iTunes library on shuffle and felt compelled to write this - not because I'm procrastinating (which I am...) but because it just struck me as funny. Funny how a single song can play and bring you right back to a particular moment in time, or a specific person. A few examples - no judging allowed on my music libary:
1) "Hardest Thing" (98 Degrees) reminds me of my best friend from high school and today. Though Jenn's favorite band was always the Backstreet Boys, any boy-band from that era make me think of her.
2) "She Will Be Loved" (Maroon 5), "This Year's Love" (David Grey), "From Such Great Heights" (The Postal Service), "Cop Stop" (Gavin DeGraw), "100 Years" (Five For Fighting), "Where Does the Good Go?" (Tegan & Sara) - ALL remind me of ex-boyfriends, crushes, or break-ups. Yet, they are still some of my all time favorites. Funny how that works...
3) "Bad Day" (Daniel Powter) is the song that will put me over the edge after a particularly rough day. Sometimes I even play it when I can feel myself becoming gloomy and in need of a good cry.
4) Alternatively, "Beautiful Day" (U2) can lift my mood at any moment.
5) Anything James Taylor reminds me of my very first concert with my Dad when I was 10.
6) "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" (Whitney Houston) reminds me of Klondike Kate's 80's night over my senior year of college when Christine and I used to tear up the dance floor with each other during the song - even though we both had boyfriends and they would be there with us, we always managed to ditch them for this song.
7) "Ants Marching" and "The Christmas Song" (DMB) were the best live songs of my very first Dave concert...and the better part was the entire arena singing along to them. They will forever remind me also of my freshman college roommate, Leah, who introduced me to Dave and also my friend Pat who knows the lyrics and chords to pretty much every Dave song out there.
8) "We Were Only Freshman" - Freshman Year of college. Nicole's photo montages. Enough said.

I love driving at night by myself with my music blaring and singing my lungs out with no one around to judge. That's my confession of the day.

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  1. Hey Meg, we are heading down to the city that weekend in June to see Phish. Thanks for the invite though! Hope you are doing well.